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Pin Oak Mutual Fund Strategy

In some situations, Pin Oak believes it is in our clients’ best interest to allocate a portion of their equity holdings to a portfolio of 3-5 mutual funds.

As a money manager for the past 20 years, we offer unique insight in evaluating other money managers. We believe we can identify and access some of the best money managers in the world with carefully selected mutual funds.

  • Exceptional long term track records, evaluated through various market cycles
  • Emphasis on capital preservation
  • Understand their investment strategy, what they own and why

This collection of concentrated portfolios provides additional diversification without sacrificing detailed fundamental research.

  • Greater exposure to growing international economies
  • Exposure to ideas and areas of expertise slightly different than Pin Oak’s

Pin Oak is completely objective in selecting mutual funds. We do not receive any financial benefit or "load" from any mutual funds we recommend.

We avoid arbitrary geographic, capitalization, or concentration constraints. Ideally, the manager should be able to look at any security in the world to find the best bargains.

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